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testbeats is a tool designed to streamline the process of publishing test results from various automation testing frameworks to communication platforms like slack and teams for easy access and collaboration. It unifies your test reporting to build quality insights and make faster decisions.

Alerts in Slack


Results in Portal


Use Cases

This library is generally used as an alerting tool to forward the test results from your CI/CD pipelines to different platforms like MS Teams, Google Chat or Slack.


  • UI Automation Test Tools: Selenium, Cypress, Playwright and more
  • API Automation Test Tools: RestAssured, PactumJS and more
  • Test Result Formats: TestNG, JUnit, Cucumber, Mocha, XUnit, NUnit, MSTest
  • Performance Automation Test Tools: jMeter


Most automation testing frameworks, such as Selenium, Cypress, Playwright,, PyTest, can output test results in standardized formats like JUnit XML. This tool leverages these standardized formats to ensure compatibility across different testing frameworks. This means you can seamlessly integrate your existing testing infrastructure with the testbeats without the need for extensive modifications.

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Released under the MIT License.